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How to recharge Smart Prepaid Meter?

What are Smart Prepaid Meters?

Smart Prepaid Meters are intelligent devices that use IoT (Internet of Things) technology. These devices can track and monitor household, industrial, and commercial electric consumption. Smart Meters can not only track a building’s energy consumption but also charge electricity bills using the backend software system at a predetermined tariff. When the balance is low, an alert is sent to the consumer, prompting him or her to recharge the meter, which can be done automatically or manually.

How to Recharge Smart Prepaid Meter?

Customers can now recharge their electricity using the Xenius Mobile App. The Xenius Mobile App is a user-friendly app that allows users to track their monthly and yearly consumptions as well as recharge their electricity account e-wallet. The power is turned off when the balance reaches zero or a pre-defined negative limit. It is a prepaid system that charges customers in advance.

Credit or debit card, UPI payment, or Paytm can be used to recharge online. Xenius has a partnership with HDFC Bank, and all payment options are available to customers through the Xenius mobile app. Many promotions are also available on the mobile app from time to time.

Benefits of Using Smart Prepaid Meter

A smart prepaid meter eliminates all of the problems associated with a post-paid meter. The builder or the RWA (Resident Welfare Association) will not have to chase down customers to collect their electricity bills. Electricity will not be supplied to that house/flat until the consumer recharges his/her wallet.

Another advantage of using smart prepaid meters is that the e-wallet can be recharged online from anywhere in the country. There is no need to generate a coupon code and enter it manually into the metre panel. It is a huge problem for the elderly population, who are unfamiliar with the system, to manually enter the 16-20 digit coupon code one by one in order to restore power to their homes. Prepaid smart meters eliminate the need to manually recharge and provide a hassle-free online recharge platform to all consumers.

Projects where Smart Prepaid meters are deployed

Xenius has a strong presence in the Delhi NCR region, with most real estate projects opting for Xenius smart metering solutions. ATS Paradiso, DLF Promenade, DLF Magnolia, DLF The Pinnacle, Supertech Capetown, Grihapravesh (Noida), Daawat Rice and many other major projects have been completed by Xenius. With online billing, 24*7 NOC team support, a world-class software system, and a highly efficient grievance redressal platform, Xenius’ prepaid metering solution has a technological advantage over its competitors.

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