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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)


Research & Development Cost


Reduction in Response Time


Reduction in Maintenance Cost


Enhancement in Service Life

Challenges faced by OEM and How to Beat those?

I cannot invest in research & development

No worries! Our plug-n-play technology works with any equipment. You just need to give us your requirement and we will provide you the exact solution.

cannot change my existing infrastructure

No worries! Our solution work with your existing devices. You won’t even required to change current manufacturing setup.

I cannot sell it at better prices

Now would be able to excel and beat the competition using the latest technology. Move up and ahead of the value chain.

My maintenance cost of equipment is High

Our system will provide you with real time alerts to reduce maintenance.

How do I reduce customer service cycle?

In case of any equipment failure, you would get an alert in real time so that you can handle the application pre maintenance.

We have tested and tried solution which works with generator, solar etc.

Above list is only suggestive but not limited.

Would you like to know how XENIUS’ OEM Solution can help reduce 80% maintenance cost?

XENIUS OEM Solutions

Driven by the objective of “Humanizing Machines”, XENIUS has designed and developed solutions for various OEM sectors. View our offerings.

Solar Management

Address the most critical need of Monitoring and Verification for your Solar Solutions.

Chiller Plant

Optimize running costs, enhance uptime and operational efficiencies.

DG Management

Enhance your DG’s serviceable life, operating reliability and running efficiency.

Air Conditioning

Remotely Monitor and Manage your HVAC setups, leading to immense benefits.

Key Features

XENIUS OEM Solution enables higher visibility and control, saving money for both, manufacturing companies and consumers.

Ready to use end-to-end Solution

Real Time Monitoring of equipment health



Ease of Integration with Equipment





Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Overview

Using its state of the art patent pending solutions and contemporary technologies like IoT/M2M, Radius Synergies International Pvt Ltd (XENIUS) has come up with generic building blocks that can be seamlessly integrated and customized for any sort of automation, monitoring and control by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for a variety of applications areas. To name a few, OEM’s for products like air conditioners, solar inverters, diesel generators, chiller plants, water purifiers etc.

OEM’s can easily bundle XENIUS hardware within their products (XENIUS Inside) and on field deployment, such devices talk to the Xenia backend cloud, making their products intelligent and IoT/M2M enabled.

The real-time data being collected has immense benefits to multiple stake holders like OEM’s, service agencies and end consumers. All such detailed data is uploaded to the Radius Cloud and can be used for health check monitoring as well as scheduling operation and managing the end products anytime, anywhere through internet. Each of the stake holders gets to see a customized view of the relevant data for their interest to monitor, manage and optimize.

For any XENIUS Inside offering for a specific OEM product, the solution comprises of integration of XENIUS Gateway with the communication port of the OEM product for capturing of the required data from various sub-systems of the product and passing it on to the backend platform.

XENIUS Gateway: A specially configured gateway of appropriate form factor along with appropriate firmware becomes a part of the OEM product and gets physically installed within the product by the OEM. A suitable communication mechanism (RS232, RS485) helps fetch data from OEM product on a pre-defined / configurable time frequency. The gateway has specially configured and provisioned APN SIM for communicating with the backend Xenia Cloud.

  • Xenia Cloud: Once the OEM device is installed and powered up in the field, the XENIUS Gateway becomes operational and does the required communication through GPRS with Xenia Cloud. All real-time data is received by the Xenia Cloud for further processing and persistence to make it usable for different stake-holders interest and appropriate utilization. Any configuration or control commands can be pushed from Xenia Cloud to the end device without physically going to the field.
  • Human Machine Interface: These are in the form of internet web interface or mobile applications. Usually, for B2B clients, web interface is available and for B2C, mobile apps are used. The HMI facilitates real time access, reports, analytics, alerts and notifications to respective user community.
  • Enhanced product quality while achieving time and cost savings
  • Reduced development effort
  • Reduced “replacement of good parts”
  • Advanced monitoring options without any R&D

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