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“Every month it’s the same issue,” exclaimed Ravi, a frustrated tenant living in a bustling urban neighborhood. “I get an inflated electricity bill, and I know for sure either the meter must be faulty or someone is tampering with it. And why should I pay for the common area electricity?”

On the other side of the dispute, Mr. Kumar, Ravi’s landlord, sighed heavily. “It’s physically stressful for me to visit my tenant’s house to check the electricity meter or receive bill payments. Plus, it hurts my eyes to manually read the meter! And if my tenant doesn’t pay on time, I end up paying late penalty charges. It’s my house, but I feel I have no control over my electricity and meter!”

This landlord-tenant battle over electricity bills is a familiar story. The root cause often lies in electricity meters, consumption monitoring, and the associated billing issues. Common tenant complaints include faulty meters, inaccurate readings, meters that have been tampered with, electricity theft, and charges for common area usage. Landlords, on the other hand, are burdened with the stress of manually checking the meter reading every month, late payments, and lack of control over the electricity meters.

Bijlee Buddy, a smart prepaid electricity metering solution from Radius Synergies, aims to bridge this gap that exists between tenant-landlord with cutting-edge features that address and resolve the grievances of both parties. 

Bijlee Buddy – a pocket sized device built on the latest connected technologies like M2M and IoT – is designed specifically for hostels, paying guest owners, RWAs, real estate developers, and other tenant-landlord setups. Built on state-of-the-smart Xenius platform, Bijlee Buddy aims to resolve these issues efficiently.

Meet Bijlee Buddy: Smart Metering Solution

Bijlee Buddy provides a reliable, real-time meter reading solution that brings unmatched control and convenient right into the palm of tenants and landlords. Let’s take a quick look at how Bijlee Buddy cracks stubborn bottlenecks and resolves long standing disputes between both parties.


As a landlord, you are often caught in the middle of disputes and logistical headaches when it comes to managing electricity consumption for your rental properties. Traditional methods of meter reading and bill collection are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors and tampering. Bijlee Buddy is designed to address these challenges and restore control to you with its advanced smart metering technology.

Get Back Control:

  • Monitor tenants’ electricity consumption & meter health in real time
  • Track electricity & money balance remotely on easy dashboards
  • Get instant notifications on tampering, abnormalities & discrepancies

Save costs: 

  • Share bill payment reminders to tenants
  • Automate billing & invoice generation
  • Ensure payment in advance with pre-paid format

Skip strenuous visits:

  • No need to physically visit tenant location to check meter reading
  • No need to wait in long bill queues – pay via easy online app

Ensure peaceful homes:

  • Enjoy more trust & less disputes.
  • With greater transparency & accuracy

Gone are the days when you had to visit your rental properties to check the meter readings or collect payments manually. Bijlee Buddy automates these processes, saving you time and effort. With the smart prepaid system, tenants pay for their electricity usage in advance, reducing the risk of late payments. The system also allows tenants to top up their balance online, further simplifying the payment process for both parties.


Be in Charge:

Monitor Consumption in Real-Time: With Bijlee Buddy, tenants can keep track of their electricity consumption and usage patterns in real time, eliminating any doubts about bill accuracy.

Get Alerts: Receive notifications on money and electricity balance, overloads, and other critical updates. This ensures tenants are always aware of their usage and can avoid sudden blackouts.

Turn Metering Easy & Breezy:

Goodbye to Manual Readings: The days of manual meter reading and long payment queues are over. Tenants can now pay securely and instantly via a seamless online app.

Flexible Payment Options: Bijlee Buddy supports payments through popular gateways, wallets, net banking, and UPI, making it extremely convenient.

Save Hard-Earned Money:

Plan and Cut Wastage: Personalized consumption reports help tenants plan their expenditures in advance and reduce wastage.

Per-Unit Billing: Tenants only pay for the electricity they use, thanks to precise per-unit billing with time stamps, eliminating any chances of overcharging.

Prevent Misuse: Instant alerts for any tampering or misuse ensure that tenants are charged fairly and accurately.

Become a Smart & Green Citizen:

Build Smart Energy Habits: Tenants can develop smart energy habits that not only reduce their bills but also contribute to energy conservation.


Not just landlords and tenants – Bijlee Buddy brings a host of pleasant surprises for Society RWA’S and builders, too!

Manage Power Professionally:

Advanced Metering Infrastructure: Bijlee Buddy provides real-time app and web-based monitoring with alerts and signals.

Real-Time Intelligence & Reports: Access to real-time data and comprehensive reports helps in efficient power management.

Improve Efficiency: With over 98% uptime and advance notifications for oncoming downtimes, the system ensures smooth operations, minimizing manual inspections and identifying issues like leakage, deviance, and outages.

Forecast and Optimize: The system allows for better load forecasting and optimization, leading to effective energy management.

Build Energy Efficiency Programs: Data and insights generated by Bijlee Buddy can be used to create robust energy efficiency programs.

Protect Your Assets:

Track and Monitor: Keep a close watch on electricity meters, Bijlee related equipment and energy infrastructure to ensure everything is in optimal condition.

Preventive Maintenance: Monitor device health and implement preventive maintenance to avoid unexpected failures.

Minimize Revenue Leak:

Consumption-Based Allocation: Allocate electricity based on actual consumption, reducing operational and maintenance costs.

Block Unauthorized Usage: Track discrepancies and block unauthorized usage, ensuring that all consumption is accounted for.


With Bijlee Buddy, landlords and tenants can finally look forward to:

More Control and Convenience:

The smart metering solution offers greater control over electricity usage and payments, making life easier for both parties.

Significant Savings:

By preventing tampering and misuse, and providing accurate billing, both landlords and tenants can save money.

Less Mistrust and Disputes:

Reliable and transparent metering reduces mistrust and disputes, leading to a more harmonious relationship.

Peaceful Homes:

Bijlee Buddy contributes to creating peaceful homes and positive vibes where landlords and tenants coexist without mistrust, disputes and stress around bijlee meter, electricity bills and related issues.


In today’s age of connected technologies and anytime-anywhere gadgets, it doesn’t make sense to stay stuck in obsolete systems. Radius Synergies’ Bijlee Buddy leads the transformation with its thoughtful, state-of-the-smart offerings in the field of smart electricity and energy management. By addressing the core issues related to electricity metering with innovative interventions, Radius Synergies bridges the gap between landlords and tenants, fostering a relationship based on trust and transparency. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Bijlee Buddy smart electricity metering solutions not only simplifies the process but also ensures that both parties are fairly treated. According to a survey by the Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (CEEW) released in March 2023, 50% of respondents indicated that the frequency of receiving bills decreased after installing smart meters. The survey included over 4,500 participants from Assam, Bihar, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh, comprising 1,200 prepaid and 1,500 postpaid metered households.


Embrace Bijlee Buddy today and turn your electricity woes into a thing of the past. Experience more control, convenience, and savings – and enjoy peaceful home atmospheres – with harmonious landlord-tenant relationships. Bijlee Buddy truly emerges as a ‘friend in need’ in these times, to cement harmonious relations and build a strong nation with efficient use of smart metering systems.


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